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Recruitment Form

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Who we were:

Rest in Pieces was founded in 1998 by a couple of great friends and coworkers who wanted to build a reputation for themselves within the Unreal community based on teamwork, communication, organization, and having a hell of a lot of fun while gaming together. Not wanting to bore you with the dry details, we'll skip the early years history and explain it to you on teamspeak sometime. It's long and perhaps a bit dry when I tell it!


Who are we now?

When {RiP}Ripit officially retired as clan leader in 2007 he passed on the gauntlet to me, {RiP}Biggs. Despite his best lessons (and the unending supply of great advice from other senior members of the clan) I've managed to learn nearly every lesson the hard way when it comes to leading this motley crew of gamers. From MMO's to FPS's to RTS's to Virtual Legos (Minecraft... come on) I can honestly say that we've had quite the journey as a clan, but it is FAR from over yet. We still hold true to the founding beliefs that games are meant to be enjoyed, that any situation can be overcome with the appropriate level of teamwork, and that a cold beer and a great night of gaming with friends and clanmates
 can remedy just about any situation.


What you want:

So why do you care? What does anything above have to do with you? Simple, our history shows directly that we aren't going anywhere in the next few decades. No more finding a great group of players in a game, then having to find a new group of people to play with when you (or they) move on.

We offer:
Cross genre support
No douchebaggery
No drama
Experienced Leadership

If you think you'd be interested in hooking up with us, fill out an application!
We're always looking for new talent, new members, and exciting people.